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The Multi-level Selling industry is considered to be a skeptical business loaded with individuals who have no real idea what it’s all about. A number of people just join a Multilevel marketing business without fully understanding this industry. Todd Boczkowski, who is a self declared MLM Pro gives his tips for being successful in this very debatable but amazing advertising industry which has the ability to turn any regular Joe right into a substantial earner. Do your own research, however Todd’s fundamentals for success provide you with the ability to become a head in almost any MLM/Network Marketing company you join. Suggestions could also be used for other areas of business, selling, and sales. Absorb the recording if your ambitions are to become a “heavy hitter” in this growing industry.

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The Next Generation Business Has Arrived

Over the past 15-20 years we have seen a major shift in the business world.

This all goes back to the infamous “dot com craze” where everybody wanted to get in on the action and get their own piece of fortune pie.

These people soon later lost hundreds of thousands of dollars when the dot com bubble burst and many internet businesses went down the drain.

Fast forward to the year 2014 and the internet and technology still has our world wrapped around it’s little web fingers. However things are different these days..


Things are a lot different than the way they were back in 1998 or 1999.

Technology really has grown into its own and it really has gone to new heights.

Steve Jobs made the I-phone into an iconic piece of history where people can serf the internet virtually from anywhere.

Google has grown into it’s own as well and has built the biggest search engine in the world.

Many businesses now are converting to an online business.

We hear of stories everyday how people have turned themselves into an entrepreneur because of the internet.

We see diaries of people’s adventures such as Todd’s blog or somebody else’s virtual diary.

We have seen many advances in the internet world. Most business now have a website and it is increasingly getting more important that they do.

Social media has also been a huge part of the advance in the business world online.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become house hold names and it becomes very clear that the future for business in taking shape in the ever evolving world of the internet and technology.

Where will we be in another 15-20 years?

How different will business be from 2014? 2030 seems like a long time but it will be here before you know it.

Businesses will spend millions of dollars for a website name.

What does that tell you how important the internet and online world is to business?

We now have numerous investing platforms all done through the web.

The web has become the information highway and it has never been more important than it is now…even before 1999.

That is become the world,not just the business world but in general the world and society has immersed itself in a technological world.

What would we do if the entire web crashed?

The next generation of business has arrived and it has been around for the past few years.

Some of my family members don’t even realize how big this is. They can’t even keep up with the pace of the fast growing and fast pace world of this information super highway.

The next generation business will continue to evolve and will continue to expand through technological means.

God only knows if we are closer to seeing another game changer in our society.

Only time will tell if the next generation business could eventually take humans to Mars or build a flying car.

Only time will tell.

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